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Gender stereotypes are limiting our sons and our daughters

Patriarchal notions of manhood don’t just harm women, they hurt men. Toxic definitions of masculinity lead to well-documented problems like high rates of gun violence, suicide and sexual violence. That’s why organizations like the Representation Project are committed to advancing the discussion about how gender limits the freedoms of both women and men. They recognize that society’s gender ideals aren’t only damaging for women; they’re universally harmful.

Their latest video examines how stereotypes constrain all people from the moment they are born.

Watch the full video | Follow policymic

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Let’s Talk About Movies:

Wes Anderson // Centered, A Visual Exploration of the Director’s Perfect Symmetry in Films (x)

"I have a way of filming things and staging them and designing sets. There were times when I thought I should change my approach, but in fact, this is what I like to do. It’s sort of like my handwriting as a movie director. And somewhere along the way, I think I’ve made the decision: I’m going to write in my own handwriting."

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Youtuber Motivational Quotes - (part 2)

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i’m frequently visited by three spirits at night

  • the ghost of i fucked up
  • the ghost of i’m currently fucking up
  • and the ghost of i’m probably going to fuck up in the future

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Frozach Submitted

this is like a pop culture version of Cosmos cosmic calendar smashed together with the real one

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watching brendon urie trying to be all hardcore and gangsta cause hes in a rap video is the best thing I’ve seen all day


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